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spacerowy ...in English

Due to kindness Susan Sedlak full translation has been prepared by her - file PDF available file is here

w a l k  f o r  s h e t l a n d  s h w a l

Yarn: Lima Drops (50g/90m) – 5  skeins
Needle :  US  7 – 4,5 mm

1: Cast on 5 stitches  and work purl
2: RS: K2, m1l, slip stitch, m1r, k2; WS - purl
3: Continue working: *RS : k2, m1l, knit to center, m1l, slip center stitch, m1r, knit to last 2 stitches, m1r, k2; WS: purl*;   *-*repeat this 2rows 17 time - placing resulting sts on needle -st 75.
4.Work chart 1 ( All sts are taken into consideration in all charts) -  it should end with 111 stitches
5.Work 10 rows k-wise on RS, p-wise on WS - in stockinette with increases as before
6.Work chart 2, it should end with 167 stitches
7.Work 10 rows in stockinette with increases as before
8.Work chart 3, it will end with 223 stitches
9.Work 20 rows of garter stitch with increases as before, bind off.

I wish success.....

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